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Meet The Plays Media Team

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Being specialized in social media and internet marketing Lianna is responsible for Plays Media management and unbelievably never fails to be on time for any project. As an energetic and motivated person she is always tended to learn new things in this field.

Social Media Strategist

With an MBA and his passion towards social media marketing Aper builds and develops worthy strategies for bringing about only best results for our clients. He claims that a clever strategy is the core factor of social media marketing success.

Head of Customer Support

Plays Media has been working with Anna for about four years, and during this period we have heard exceptionally positive feedback about our company’s customer support. Anna makes out the whole process of cooperation with Plays Media into a pleasant experience.

Social Media Analyst

Possessing all the necessary marketing skills and being enthusiastic about what she is doing Sona is the social media analyst of Plays Media. She can make the working process into fun and cheer up the team with her high mood.

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